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IAPMO Research and Testing, Inc. is a product certification body which tests and inspects samples taken from the supplier's stock or from the market or a combination of both to verify compliance to the requirements of applicable codes and standards. This activity is coupled with periodic surveillance of the supplier's factory and warehouses as well as the assessment of the supplier's Quality Assurance System. This listing is subject to the conditions set forth in the characteristics below and is not to be construed as any recommendation, assurance or guarantee by IAPMO Research and Testing, Inc. of the product acceptance by Authorities Having Jurisdiction.
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Effective Date: November 2017 Revised 1/26/2018 Void After: November 2018
Product: EPA WaterSense High Efficiency Showerheads File No. 10171
Identification: Each product shall be marked per the marking requirements in the latest version of their applicable performance standard. The products shall bear the maximum flow rate value in gpm and L/min as specified by the manufacturer.

The product packaging shall be marked with the maximum flow rate value in gpm and L/min as specified by the manufacturer, and the minimum flow rate value in gpm and L/min at 45 psi.

The flow rate markings shall be in gpm and L/min in two or three digit resolutions. The product packaging shall bear the EPA WaterSense label.
Characteristics: Products are manufactured in compliance with the applicable requirements of the EPA WaterSense® Specification for Showerheads. To be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's installation instructions.

Products listed on this certificate have been tested by an IAPMO R&T recognized laboratory. This recognition has been granted based upon the laboratory’s compliance to the applicable requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.
Products are in compliance with the following standard(s):
  EPA's WaterSense Specification for Showerheads (Version 1.0, 03-04-2010 edition)



Certification DateBrand NameModel NameModel NumberMaximum Rated Flow Rate (gpm)Minimum Rated Flow Rate (at 45 psi) (gpm)
11/28/2016California Faucets SH-
11/28/2016California Faucets 9120-04.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California Faucets SH-
11/28/2016California Faucets 9120-04.15-ZZ1.51.1
11/28/2016California Faucets SH-
11/28/2016California Faucets 9120-05.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California Faucets SH-
11/28/2016California Faucets 9120-07.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California Faucets SH-
11/28/2016California Faucets 9120-08.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California Faucets SH-
11/28/2016California Faucets 9120-09.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsStyleFlow® GEOSH-514.202.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsStyleFlow® GEO Shower Kit9120-514.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsStyleFlow® IKOSH-504.202.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsStyleFlow® IKO Shower Kit9120-504.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsStyleFlow® TEKSH-303.202.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsStyleFlow® TEK Shower Kit9120-303.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsStyleFlow® BELSH-323.202.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsStyleFlow® BEL Shower Kit9120-323.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsStyleFlow® QUASH-431.202.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsStyleFlow® QUA Shower Kit9120-431.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsStyleFlow® QUASH-431.151.51.1
11/28/2016California FaucetsStyleFlow® QUA Shower Kit9120-431.15-ZZ1.51.1
11/28/2016California Faucets HS-13M.202.01.5
11/28/2016California Faucets HS-
11/28/2016California Faucets TO-XX.13.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California Faucets TO-XX-13M.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsSeries 13 Floor Mount Tub Filler1303-XX.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsSeries 13 Floor Mount Tub Filler1303-13M-XX.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsSeries 13 Deck Mount Tub Filler1308-XX.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsSeries 13 Deck Mount Tub Filler1308-13M-XX.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsSeries 14 Floor Mount Tub Filler1403-XX.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsSeries 14 Floor Mount Tub Filler1403-13M-XX.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsSeries 14 Deck Mount Tub Filler1408-XX.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsSeries 14 Deck Mount Tub Filler1408-13M-XX.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsSeries 15 Floor Mount Tub Filler1503-D-XX.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California Faucetsseries 15 Floor Mount Tub Filler1503-D-13M-XX.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsSeries 15 Wall Mount Tub Filler1506-D-XX.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsSeries 15 Wall Mount Tub Filler1506-D-13M-XX.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsSeries 15 Deck Mount Tub Filler1508-D-XX.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsSeries 15 Deck Mount Tub Filler1508-13M-XX.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California Faucets HS-
11/28/2016California Faucets TO-XX.62.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsSeries 11 Floor Mount Tub Filler1103-XX.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsSeries 11 Deck Mount Tub Filler1108-XX.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsSeries 12 Floor Mount Tub Filler1203-XX.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsSeries 12 Deck Mount Tub Filler1208-XX.20-ZZ2.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsStyleFlow® GEOHS-514.202.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsStyleFlow® IKOHS-504.202.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsStyleFlow® GEOHS-413.202.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsStyleFlow® IKOHS-403.202.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsStyleFlow® BELHS-323.202.01.5
11/28/2016California Faucets HS-
11/28/2016California Faucets HS-
11/28/2016California FaucetsStyleFlow® Air GEOHS-563.202.01.5
11/28/2016California FaucetsStyleFlow® Air IKOHS-553.202.01.5
1/26/2018California FaucetsStyleFlow Traditiional Bell ShowerheadSH-321.202.01.5
1/26/2018California FaucetsStyleFlow Traditiional Bell Showerhead Kit9120.321.20-ZZ2.01.5
1/26/2018California FaucetsSeries 11 Wall Mount Tub Filler1106-XX.20-ZZ2.01.5
1/26/2018California FaucetsSeries 12 Wall Mount Tub Filler1206-XX.20-ZZ2.01.5
1/26/2018California FaucetsSeries 13 Wall Mount Tub Filler1306-XX.20-ZZ2.01.5
1/26/2018California FaucetsSeries 13 Wall Mount Tub Filler1306-XX.13M.20-ZZ2.01.5
1/26/2018California FaucetsSeries 14 Wall Mount Tub Filler1406-XX.20-ZZ2.01.5
1/26/2018California FaucetsSeries 14 Wall Mount Tub Filler1406-XX.13M.20-ZZ2.01.5

Legend for Product numbers, prefixes and suffixes:
(1)Base Product numbers followed by a suffix and or suffixes -XX and/or -XX -XX signify a substitution of one or more component such as handle, base ring, escutcheon, spout tip, lift knob, index button/insert & face plate etc. (Example: -XX and/or multiple -XX -XX would be replaced by a sequence of letters (A — Z) and/or numbers (1 — 99) of the substitution component and/or components.

(2)Product numbers with a prefix of "TO" signify trim only components to the rough valve component and/or kit/set.

FINISHES: All finishes will be represented by a sequence of letters as described below, see legend for explanation of single finish and/or split finish combination.
AB Antique Brass
ACO Antique Copper
BLK Black
BN Black Nickel
BTB Bella Terra Bronze
CB Carbon Black
EB English Brass
ESB Espresso Bronze
FRG French Gold
GPR Graphite
LPG Lifetime Polished Gold
LSG Lifetime Satin Gold
MB Matte Brass
MBLK Matte Black
MC Matte Chrome
MN Matte Nickel
MOB Mocha Bronze
MWHT Matte White
ORB Oil Rubbed Bronze
PC Polished Chrome
PCO Polished Copper
PEW Pewter
PG 24K Polished Gold
PN Polished Nickel
PRB Polished Rose Bronze
PVD Polished Brass
RBZ Rustico Bronze
SB Satin Brass
SC Satin Chrome
SCO Satin Copper
SG 24K Satin Gold
SN Satin Nickel
SRB Satin Rose Bronze
SS Stainless Steel
USS Ultra Stainless Steel
VG Verde Green
WB Weathered Brass
WCO Weathered Copper

Legend: Product number followed by -ZZ signifies a Single Finish.
Product number followed by multiple -ZZ -ZZ signifies a Split finish
combination or combinations.


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